Ugh…so disappointed that I can’t attend my favorite part of the week. Due to a stupid virus and/or allergies and /or plain old exhaustion I will be missing figure drawing which will be a historical piece done in 1800s costume. So instead I’ve decided to share one of my favorite pieces of artwork done by Frederick Franck who writes,” This nude I am drawing is not just a body, not an abstract symbol of youth or old age. She is the concrete person before my eyes: this person. It is enough. To draw her is to let the perception on my retina be affirmed by the hand that notes down in obedience. It is not in any way “self-expression “. It is letting the person I draw express what she is through me. Drawing the Ten Thousand Things is being in touch , now and here, with what is particular and universal, what is in time and yet timeless, with the arising and the disappearing, with birth and death”

This is what I love about his work. Though, it maybe void of his self expression is it definitely not void of expression. Especially in the drawing (below) of a dancer he had done in ink. Here, the blurred and bold lines describe a body in motion. One can almost feel the wind caused from the constant spinning. Though, the body may be unrecognizable in a sense it begs the question,”what is it than the artist is trying to capture?” I believe he answers it in the second half of his quote when he says it, “is being in touch with here and now, with what is in time and yet timeless, with the arising and the disappearing, with birth and death.” He so wonderfully captures the timeless and beautifully reflects the present moment in seemingly effortless swoops and swirls of his pen. Though, it is not perfectly rendered it doesn’t have to be because that’s not the point. The point is being in the moment!

And this is my prayer for those who attend my art classes, for those who will attend the figure drawing session today and for many other artists who might struggle with confidence: may they understand that perfection is a dream and that presences in a painting/drawing is what breathes life into artwork! 

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